What Causes Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain
Pelvic pain

Chronic pelvic pain is described as pain in your lower abdomen and between your hips that lasts for an extended period of time. This is usually around six months or longer, depending on the person. Chronic pelvic pain can be a confusing and frustrating condition to find the cause of because of the large number of bodily functions that happen in that area of the body. Thankfully, medical professionals have a general understanding of the causes of chronic pelvic pain. Let’s explore some of the common causes of chronic pelvic pain so you can better understand what treatment is best for you.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome, also called IBS, can cause bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Irritation of the bowels can lead to pressure being applied in the lower abdomen and pelvic region. Severe IBS can lead to chronic pelvic pain.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

There are a large number of bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues in the pelvis. Musculoskeletal problems like fibromyalgia, hernias, muscle tension in the pelvic floor, and other conditions can cause chronic pelvic pain.

Ovarian Remnant

A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. However, depending on the type of hysterectomy, ovary tissue may be left inside the body. This leftover ovarian tissue can develop cysts that cause pain in the pelvis.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease, PID, is caused by an infection of the female reproductive organs. It is commonly caused by sexually transmitted bacteria. The disease can damage the pelvic organ tissue and lead to scarring if the infection is long-term. Pelvic organ scarring from pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to chronic pelvic pain.


Endometriosis is where the tissue lining the uterus grows outside of the uterus. This tissue will still react like normal uterus tissue but won’t be able to exit the body during menstruation. The blood and tissue will instead remain in the abdomen and can create scar tissue and cysts. This can lead to chronic pelvic pain.

Seeking Treatment

Chronic pelvic pain is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive diagnosis to understand the root cause. Thankfully, our team at Craig Ranch Ob/Gyn is a top-rated obstetrics and gynecology practice that can help treat chronic pelvic pain. Our team of doctors provides their expertise to bring you results and comfort. If you’re struggling with chronic pelvic pain, then contact Craig Ranch Ob/Gyn at 214-544-6600 today.

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