The Difference Between Vaginal Delivery and Cesarean Section

C section peration heal after mother holding baby A cesarean section, also referred to as a C-section, is a major surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through the abdomen instead of naturally through the vagina. During a vaginal delivery, the mother pushes during labor, and the baby travels through her cervix and birth canal until they are out of her body. With a C-section, an incision is made in the abdomen and uterus so the baby can be removed directly from the mother’s uterus.

What Are the Differences, and Which One Is Right for Me?

There are several key differences between vaginal delivery and C-section delivery:

  • Recovery time. Recovery time for C-sections can be longer than for vaginal deliveries, with a hospital stay of approximately four days before returning home. With a vaginal delivery, recovery time is usually much shorter, and the return home can occur in about one day.
  • Pain relief. During a C-section, anesthesia is used to help control the pain, while some women may even receive an epidural. During a vaginal delivery, many women choose not to use an anesthesia at all, or they also have the option of using an epidural. This is a personal choice.
  • Physical effects. C-sections are major surgery and come with associated risks such as infection and internal bleeding. Vaginal deliveries are generally less risky and a more natural alternative.
  • Delivery of the placenta. With a C-section, the placenta is manually removed, while the placenta is naturally expelled after birth during vaginal delivery.
  • Future pregnancies. Women who give birth via C-section are often more likely to give birth via C-section in subsequent pregnancies. However, vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC, may be an option for some with previous C-sections, depending on their health.

Request an Appointment To Find Out Which Option Is Right for You!

There are several differences between a vaginal delivery and a C-section that impact both the mother and the baby. Each type of delivery has its own risks and benefits, which should be weighed carefully before making a choice. The most important factor is a healthy outcome for both mother and baby, which is why the team at Craig Ranch OBGYN works with you to decide the delivery method appropriate for you! Call 214-544-6600 to request an appointment at our McKinney, TX, area practice.

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