What to expect during your first mammogram

doctor looking at the Mammogram film image If you have had your 40th birthday and have not yet had a mammogram done, it’s time to call your doctor! Mammograms are important screenings that should be performed to monitor for signs of problems, especially breast cancer. At the practice of Dr. Craig Ranch of McKinney, TX, women who are in need of screenings can call the office to book an appointment, even if they’ve never been to our office before. We stress the importance of having these screenings done routinely. As with most types of cancers, an early diagnosis can increase a patient’s chances of survival.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a special screening that is used to produce images of the breasts to monitor for signs of problems. This includes looking for possible signs of cancer. Women often have annual screenings that are done each year to monitor and detect any changes that might be present in the breast tissue. Diagnostic mammograms are done if there are specific reasons for concern, or to monitor for changes that might have occurred in the breasts since past mammograms.

What to expect

Before you arrive for your appointment, consider these following recommendations:

  • Avoid wearing deodorant and perfume the day of the screening as this can affect results
  • Avoid having your mammogram performed during your period, if possible, as breasts can be tender
  • Bring any prior mammogram images you have had in the past if visiting our facility as a new patient

To perform the mammogram, the breasts are pressed between two plate-like devices. The device then takes radiation images of the breasts. These images are used to diagnose any concerns that the patient might have. The entire visit will take approximately 20 minutes and any findings will be communicated with the patient after the images have been evaluated.

Schedule your mammogram with the team at Craig Ranch OB/GYN today

McKinney, TX area women who are in need of a mammogram screening are encouraged to book an appointment with Dr. Craig Ranch. The office is located at 7900 Henneman Way, Suite #100 and can be reached by phone at (214) 544-6600.

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