What flags a woman as a high risk pregnancy?

pregnant woman is monitor blood pressure while she has headache to prevent hypertension during pregnancy period Women who have been told by their doctor that they are a high-risk pregnancy may be unsure as to what this entails. They might not understand why they are considered high-risk and the evaluations needed throughout their pregnancy to ensure it is safe and healthy. At Craig Ranch OB/GYN, we help McKinney, TX women through their journey to ensure the safety of them and their baby, reducing health risks and providing appropriate care as issues arise.

What makes my pregnancy high-risk?

Most women who are told they are having a high-risk pregnancy may have questions about how this has happened and what “flags” them as such. There are several reasons why a women might be told her pregnancy is at risk of health problems or early delivery. Below are a few of the factors a doctor may consider before telling a woman that her journey requires more attention:

  • Pregnancy with multiples, including twins and triplets
  • Pregnancy after the age of 35 or before the age of 17
  • Underweight or overweight before conception occurs
  • High blood pressure, depression, or other health problems for the mother
  • Previous high-risk pregnancies including premature labor, birth defects, or stillbirth
  • Significant alcohol or drug use before or during pregnancy
  • Certain infections or diseases of the mother that may impact or carry to the child

What extra care is needed for high-risk pregnancies?

Women with high-risk pregnancies may have more routine doctor visits to monitor the health and growth of the baby and mother, and might also need screenings more regularly to check for possible birth defects or problems with the baby’s development. Early detection and action is crucial for many women with high-risk pregnancies to ensure safety and health.

Are you dealing with a high-risk pregnancy?

If you have been told by a professional that you are having a high-risk pregnancy, it is vital that you get routine care throughout your journey to ensure a safe and healthy delivery. Dr. Craig Ranch and his team in McKinney, TX work with women who may have significant health risks or problems associated with themselves or their baby. Women seeking a quality OB/GYN can connect with Dr. Craig Ranch by calling (214) 544-6600 and scheduling a consultation visit at 7900 Henneman Way, Ste. #100.

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