What can be done about infertility?

iStock 619768204 1 Infertility is a condition that affects millions of men and women. Women who visit Dr. Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX may be wondering if they are infertile, especially if they have been trying to conceive for an extended period of time without results. In order to find the right treatment option, women will first need to get a proper diagnosis of their condition to determine if infertility is a true problem. 

How is infertility diagnosed? 

Women who are unable to conceive a child may have questions about why they are unable to do so. Dr. Craig Ranch encourages patients to speak to him about their concerns and determine if further testing should be done. To receive a proper diagnosis, women need to discuss their medical history and be open to certain tests and evaluations to determine the cause of infertility. 

What can be done about infertility? 

The type of infertility will direct what treatment options may be recommended to help women conceive a child. This varies, and may not always be possible depending on the results of the diagnosis. Below are just a few of the treatment options women might consider: 

  • Fertility drugs (oral medications or injections)
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Surgical interventions to correct problems such as polyps or scar tissue prohibiting conception

What if I am unable to conceive a child? 

Dr. Craig Ranch understands how important it can be to women to start a family. If infertility treatments fail to work, there are other considerations women can make, including the use of a surrogate or adoption. During time spent with our team, women unable to conceive will receive referrals to other professionals to discuss the other options available to them if conception is not possible. 

How do I learn more? 

Getting a proper diagnosis of infertility is vital to determining the best avenue of treatment for an induvial. Dr. Craig Ranch and his team encourage patients to call (214) 544-6600 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 7900 Henneman Way, Suite #100. The office is open to new patients who are interested in receiving reproductive and sexual health services.    

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