What makes laparoscopic surgery a smart choice?

iStock 526124810 Dr. Craig Ranch and his team in McKinney, TX provide gynecological care for women in the community. He uses some of the latest technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of reproductive health concerns. One of the technologies he has invested in is that of the laparoscopic surgery devices which allow for precision care and less invasive surgical procedures. 

What is laparoscopic surgery? 

Dr. Craig Ranch of McKinney, TX describes laparoscopic surgery as a less invasive way of addressing various gynecological conditions. A camera is attached to a device that is inserted into the abdomen using extremely small incisions. The instruments are then used to perform the surgery, or, in some cases, be utilized to evaluate the uterus and cervix to diagnose certain conditions. This advanced technology makes it easier for doctors to perform more precision procedures while reducing the risk of infection and scarring. At the same time, women who undergo procedures in this manner will also enjoy faster recovery time and healing from their treatments. 

What procedures can be performed with laparoscopic surgery? 

Some of the more commonly performed laparoscopic surgeries in the field of gynecology include: 

  • Gynecological cancer staging
  • Tubal reanastomosis
  • Sterilization (tubal ligation)
  • Myomectomy (fibroid removal)
  • Hysterectomy (removal of uterus with/without cervix)

What are the benefits of undergoing a laparoscopic gynecologic surgery? 

There are several benefits of this type of surgery performed by Dr. Craig Ranch. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Much smaller abdominal incisions for less scarring
  • Faster recovery time, with most women returning to activities within a few weeks
  • Precision treatments using the latest in technological advances
  • Less risks of complications such as infection

How do I learn more about laparoscopic surgeries? 

Dr. Craig Ranch of McKinney, TX is excited to provide laparoscopic surgeries for women who are interested in having surgery performed in a more advanced way with less complications and risks. If you reside in the community and are curious to learn more, call (214) 544-6600 to schedule an appointment. We are open to new and existing patients at our practice, conveniently located at 7900 Henneman Way, Suite #100.     

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