Understanding VBAC

istock 1217040124 For women who have had a previous cesarean section for the birth of their child, it may be safe for them to consider vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC. Dr. Craig Ranch of McKinney, TX is a dedicated professional who can evaluate women to determine if it is appropriate for them to move forward with vaginal birth with their next child. Obstetrical care providers believe that vaginal birth is the safer choice for many women when compared with a major surgical operation, but there are situations that may warrant the latter. 

What are the possible risks with VBAC? 

Any woman who is considering vaginal birth after having previous cesarean sections may still need a repeat cesarean to deliver. However, some women may be successful in having a vaginal birth for future pregnancies. One of the rare but serious risks of a vaginal birth after C-section is a ruptured uterus. This can occur where the previous scar remains. It can be deadly to both the baby and the mother, so the VBAC process should only be attempted in a medical facility where emergency cesarean section can be performed. To reduce these risks, it is desirable for women to have labor that begins naturally and with proper cervical dilation throughout the childbirth process. In most situations, if a woman has had a previous VBAC, the risk of complications is much less than those attempting their first VBAC. 

Am I a good candidate for VBAC? 

Dr. Craig Ranch is an obstetrician who can review your medical history and evaluate your current pregnancy to determine if the possibility of a vaginal birth after previous C-section is a viable option. It is important that patients who are new to his practice provide thorough medical records to assist in making this recommendation. 

Learn more about VBAC 

If you are considering vaginal birth after cesarean section and are located in or around the McKinney, TX community, we welcome you to speak to Dr. Craig Ranch about your candidacy. Contact the office at (214) 544-6600 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation to find out more. The office is conveniently located at 7900 Henneman Way, Suite #100 and accepts new patients.    

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