Common myths regarding routine mammograms

Studies continue to show that approximately one in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer within her lifetime. Each year, thousands of women die from breast cancer alone. These statistics make it more important than ever for women to take preventive steps to diagnose breast cancer in the earliest stages. Dr. Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX encourages women to have regular mammograms to check for signs of cancer. However, many women do not get their routine screenings done for a variety of reasons. Dr. Craig Ranch is here to squash the myths regarding routine mammograms:

  • Mammograms are expensive. Many patients think that they cannot afford mammograms. However, many health insurance companies cover routine screenings. Additionally, women without insurance can ask their doctor for free or low-cost mammograms through their practice or with other community-based programs.
  • Radiation from the mammogram can cause cancer. Radiation from mammograms is relatively minor when compared to other types of x-rays taken within the medical field. There is little to no relation to the radiation from a mammogram and the formation of cancer cells.
  • My busy schedule doesn’t allow for me to have a mammogram. Preventative care and screenings are so important, and mammograms are a fast and effective way to monitor for possible cases of cancer. Most practices offer convenient hours to make it easy for women to get into the office for screening, even if it’s during their lunch hour.
  • Mammograms hurt. While discomfort is common with mammograms, it is minor and well-tolerated by most women. We work hard to make sure women are as comfortable as possible during their screening.
  • Mammograms give me anxiety. The idea of having cancer is scary, but this should make it more important than ever to have routine evaluations done to catch it at the earliest stages. Finding results during a mammogram can occur, but should not be a source of fear that keeps a patient from seeking screenings.
  • I’m too young to have mammograms. Our team recommends patients being mammograms around the age of 40, though women with a family history of breast cancer and other factors that make them high risk may start them at an earlier point in time.

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