What Is VBAC? Why Would I Consider VBAC?

istock 1130755952 1 300x300 1 Women who have experienced a Cesarean section, or “C-section,” during their first childbirth are often discouraged at their inability to have a natural birthing session. They may also remember the pain and discomfort they experienced as they healed from this procedure. In many instances, women who go on to become pregnant again may consider their options when it comes to having a traditional vaginal birth. Women considering this may want to ask their doctor about a VBAC or TOLAC.

What is a VBAC?

The acronym VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section, though it may also be referred to as TOLAC, which stands for Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section. Many mothers who have experienced a C-section in the past may want to have their next child via vaginal birth. It is important that these women work with their doctors to determine if having a vaginal birth is safe and suitable based on their previous and current needs. VBAC can be successful if women work alongside their doctor to get a thorough evaluation and decide if a Cesarean section can be avoided.

What are the risks associated with VBAC?

It is vital for women to fully understand the risks associated with VBAC. There are rarely serious complications that occur from either a vaginal birth or c-section birth, though vaginal birth is typically safer as it is not an invasive, major surgical operation. Even if a woman decides to move forward with VBAC, there may be complications that still require her to undergo cesarean section. Approximately 60-80% of the time, women can have a successful VBAC.

One of the more concerning but rare risks associated with VBAC is a ruptured uterus that can occur along the previous c-section scar. This condition can be fatal to both mother and baby, and should be handled by a facility where emergency c-section can still occur if needed to save mother and baby.

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