Preparing for Menopause

Menopause is a vital hormonal stage in a woman’s life. Research continues to show that premenopausal behaviors and lifestyle changes can improve the transition and make it smoother sailing. Below are several recommendations for preparing for menopause as suggested by Dr. Craig Ranch and his team.

  • Reduce exposure to xenoestrogens – xenoestrogens are actually toxins that are found in many aspects of our environment that can disrupt the natural hormonal balance. Xenoestrogens are found in plastic, skin care products, and pesticides that are sprayed on vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol – to keep hormones in balance, the liver needs to be cared for properly. Habits that can impact the health of the liver include caffeine and alcohol consumption which should be reduced or eliminated prior to menopause.
  • Add vegetables with phytochemicals – common vegetables to include in your diet include Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. These can help with liver detoxification.
  • Maintain a proper diet to stabilize blood sugars – even if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes, it is still important to monitor blood sugar levels and pay close attention to quality protein sources.
  • Maintain activity – exercise should be a part of anyone’s daily routine, but is especially critical for women about to go through “the change.” Exercise can help in maintaining proper weight while reducing stress levels that can impact your menopause experience.
  • Reduce processed grains and sugars from your diet, while increasing quality complex carbohydrates – monitor your intake of foods and pay close attention to those that help keep you fuller, longer. Complex carbohydrates such as rice and potato can be beneficial.
  • Get enough sleep – it is important for everyone to get enough sleep, even during the weekdays, to feel their best each day. By setting up a proper sleep plan, women will find the transition through menopause to be less stressful on their emotions and overall physical health.

Discuss your preparations for menopause with your gynecologist

Dr. Craig Ranch and his team in McKinney, TX encourage patients to schedule a consultation appointment at his practice to learn about what they can expect during menopause and how to prepare for this life transition. Women can contact the office by calling (214) 544-6600 and visiting the office at 7900 Henneman Way, Ste. 100.

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