Learn More About the Importance of an Annual Gynecological Examination

It is not uncommon for women to put the needs of others before themselves. It is often seen with wives and mothers who tend to the rest of the family first, then their own needs second. However, it is really important for women to understand the importance of taking care of themselves so they have the health and energy to care for others. This includes making sure to schedule annual gynecology examinations and screenings for optimum health and wellness.

Why are routine gynecological examinations important?

It is critical that women schedule and attend their regular examinations. Prevention is the best medicine, and it is vital that women screen for potential problems with their reproductive health. Common screenings that may be performed during an annual visit may include those for:

  • Bladder disease
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Breast cancer
  • Osteoporosis (bone diseases)

The doctor will perform a pelvic examination, and may evaluate the bladder, ovaries, cervix, and uterus to detect any potential problems or health concerns. During this time, women should also speak up about any concerns they may have that can lead to further evaluation, such as sudden heavy periods or difficulties conceiving a child. Dr. Craig Ranch can provide assistance for those who may be displaying symptoms of other more concerning problems that require further examination.

Addressing age-specific needs and health concerns

Women of every age can speak to their obstetrician and gynecologist about a wide range of concerns that may appear at any age and stage of one’s life. For example, teenagers can speak to Dr. Craig Ranch about proper sexual behavior and health, such as contraception or tips for reducing the risk of STDs. Young adults may want to discuss sexual relationships, STDs, contraception, and fertility concerns. Women of child-bearing age will work with a doctor to meet their needs for family planning and fertility, while older women going through the change of menopause may require education on balancing hormones and managing common problems such as intimacy issues and sexual performance changes.

Is it time to schedule your gynecological examination?

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