Which Birth Control is Best for Me?

There are so many birth control options now that it’s becoming difficult to remember the days when there was just the one pill. We’re so grateful to have options to suit many different women’s needs now, and every woman is different. If you don’t like extra hormones affecting you, there are non-hormonal birth control options you can try. If you don’t want to remember to take a pill every day, you have so many choices to learn about. Keep reading to learn about birth control, and determine which might work best for you.

What if I’m afraid of gaining weight?

Most women don’t gain weight when they take birth control, but hormonal birth control can cause some women to gain a little weight, (though this is usually through fluid retention). Though the gained weight normally subsides, you can try a birth control method that doesn’t involve hormones if you’re concerned about gaining a few extra pounds.

What if I can’t remember to take a pill everyday?

Whether you’re really busy, your schedule fluctuates, or you’re just not great at remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday, you still have a lot of options. From a diaphragm to an implant to condoms to a IUD, there are plenty of birth control options that are completely effective without holding you to a calendar or alarm clock.

What if I don’t want to be more emotional?

Once again, the hormones in birth control have all sorts of baggage, though some people do report feeling more moody when on the pill. Not all hormone-based birth control methods are the same, though the sex hormones used in them—estrogen and progesterone—impact your ability to process emotion. If you’re worried about birth control impacting your mood, try a method that doesn’t include hormones, or that has a lower amount of hormones.

What protects against STDs?

Don’t confuse birth control with sex safe from the risk of STDs. You may be using birth control, but that doesn’t equal protection and safety. To reduce your risk of transmitting an STD, you will still want to use a condom or other barrier method.

What if I know I want kids soon?

If you know you want to become pregnant in the next year or so, then you probably don’t want the birth control shot or anything that takes a long time to adjust to. Additionally, some birth control does take some time to wear off, so ask your doctor about the best option for you. Consider condoms, pills, or the birth control ring instead.

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