What to expect during your mammogram appointment

istock 484221832 1 300x300 1 At Craig Ranch OB/GYN, women of the McKinney, Texas area who are interested in reproductive and women’s health screenings and treatments will benefit from working with our providers. We are committed to helping women with their needs, including routine evaluations to check for concerns such as breast cancer. At the age of 40, most women are encouraged to book routine mammograms to catch breast cancer in the earliest stages for the best possible outcome.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a special imaging process used to detect lumps in the breasts that may be indicative of breast cancer. A specialized x-ray machine uses radiation to produce images used for evaluation by a radiologist. In most instances, women will not need to have a breast cancer screening done until around the age of 40 using mammograms, though some individuals who have a higher risk of breast cancer development may obtain a physician’s referral to have a mammogram performed before the age of 40.

The mammogram allows for the diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as spotting of abnormalities and growths that might be benign. This imaging process is critical for women who have a history or genetic component that increases their risk of developing breast cancer. A mammogram may also be advised if Dr. Craig Ranch spots anything unusual that causes concern.

What to expect during your mammogram visit

First, our team will often suggest patients follow specific instructions before they arrive. Women should avoid wearing deodorant or perfumes for their visit, and consider a two piece outfit as your top will need to be removed. Notify the doctor of any lumps or discomfort that you may have noticed since your last visit that may be noted by our technologist. Patients often experience slight discomfort during the mammogram as the breasts are pressed between plates, but the mammogram itself is not painful in any way. If any concerns are spotted during the mammogram screening, patients will be advised and further diagnostic testing may be performed.

Discuss your needs today

Women should have annual mammograms scheduled starting at the age of 40 to monitor for breast cancer and other conditions that can impact reproductive health. Contact Dr. Craig Ranch and his team in McKinney, TX to discuss mammograms and other screenings that are highly suggested at various times in one’s life. Call (214) 544-6600 to request a consultation appointment or to book a mammogram screening.

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