The Importance of Routine Mammograms for Better Breast Health

Breast cancer is a scary diagnosis. However, avoiding routine mammograms at the doctor is not the way to go about avoiding it. Breast cancer impacts millions of women each year. However, thanks to mammography, or “mammograms,” The American College of Radiology has reported that these diagnostic images have been able to reduce breast cancer mortality in the United State by almost 40% since 1990. These are amazing statistics and help reinforce the importance of routine mammograms.

What is a mammogram?

Mammograms are specific diagnostic imaging examinations that are used to offer early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer and other diseases in a woman’s breasts. This noninvasive x-ray is fast and effective at producing pictures that can be used by a doctor to identify abnormalities in the breasts. Most importantly, they are immensely important for catching breast cancer in the early stages.

How often should I have a mammogram?

Most women over the age of 40 should have a mammogram completed every year as part of their annual physical check-up. These annual mammograms can help detect breast cancer in the earliest stages, when it is most treatable. Mammography images can often detect breast cancer that a woman would not notice on her own until months after. This allows for early intervention that can be effective in reducing mortality rates of breast cancer. Whether a patient has a history of breast cancer in their family or not, they should be seen yearly after age 40.

Why are mammograms important?

Mammography allows a doctor to catch the signs of breast cancer in the earlier stages, when intervention is most effective. Biopsies can be done if there is an area of concern in the breasts, and patients can get a proper diagnosis and speak to their team about treatment. Treatment options vary depending on the stage and size of the breast cancer. Working with a qualified expert such as Dr. Craig Ranch for early detection is one very important step towards better health and wellness.

Ready to schedule a routine mammogram?

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