Should I Opt For a Certified Nurse-Midwife?

Midwife,Supporting,A,Breastfeeding,Mother,With,Her,Newborn,Baby,Girl When you are expecting, you have two basic options for delivering your baby. The first is to deliver with an OB/GYN doctor at your side. The second is to deliver with a certified nurse-midwife. There are several reasons why women choose a midwife-assisted birth, but not every pregnancy benefits from a certified nurse-midwife in the same way. Here are some guidelines to help you decide.

Is Your Pregnancy High-Risk or Low-Risk?

Certified nurse-midwives are well-versed in spotting pregnancy complications, but for high-risk pregnancies, they will hand over care to a doctor to give the mom and baby the best possible assistance. Thus, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, a midwife may not be the best choice for you. However, a midwife is viable if your pregnancy appears to be free of complications thus far.

Do You Want Help with Your Birth Plan?

Midwives provide more guidance on the personal aspects of birth during pregnancy and the birth process. For many women, this guidance includes help in developing a personal birthing plan. If that’s something you want, then a midwife-assisted birth may be the right route.

Do You Want an Active Presence During Birth?

One of the benefits of a midwife is that they are an active presence during childbirth. This presence can help many women feel more confident and less stressed during labor. In contrast, because a doctor is handling many high-risk patients simultaneously, they may be less present throughout the labor process, entrusting the nurses to manage stress and monitor your labor on their behalf.

Are You a First-Time Mom?

Many moms want someone they trust to answer questions as they move through their pregnancy. This need to have questions answered can be especially true if you’re a first-time mom. A midwife’s individualized attention can provide a personal experience that a doctor may not have the time to provide.

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