What Does It Mean to Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is full of joy, excitement, and at times, anxiety. For expectant parents who find out they have a high-risk pregnancy, the fear can be overwhelming. But with the right high-risk obstetrical care, both parent and baby can be supported through every trimester, labor, and delivery.

What a “High-Risk” Pregnancy Really Means

Even the healthiest people can have a risk of complications during pregnancy. However, certain factors make a pregnancy more risky to the health of the parent, baby, or both. These include:

  • Being over 35 or under 17 at the time of pregnancy
  • Having a BMI under 18.5 or over 30
  • Having underlying medical conditions
  • Developing pregnancy-related conditions, like gestational diabetes
  • A history of preterm labor, delivery complications, or high-risk pregnancy
  • Diagnoses of a birth defect or congenital disability in utero
  • Slow or abnormal fetal growth

Managing a High-Risk Pregnancy

Just because a pregnancy is classified as high-risk does not mean it is guaranteed to have complications. With the right care, there is a high chance that the entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery can go smoothly.

The key to managing a high-risk pregnancy is working with an obstetrics specialist who understands the unique needs you face during this time. Some expectant parents are placed on rest to reduce fetal stress and the likelihood of preterm labor or other complications; others may need to follow a strict diet or take medication.

The care for each pregnancy differs based on the individual risk factors and underlying causes.

For any high-risk pregnancy, delivering the baby in a hospital is required as at-home births are considered too dangerous in these cases. It’s best to be in a medical setting where skilled staff can provide rapid response and support in any circumstances.

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