3 Reasons That Scheduling a Mammogram is a Good Idea

Have you avoided having your yearly mammogram? If so, it could be wise to reconsider your choice at this point. A mammogram is a crucial component of maintaining your breast health since it can identify any anomalies or early cancer indications. We’ll go over three reasons why obtaining a mammogram periodically is a smart choice for your general health in this blog article.

Why Getting a Mammogram Is Important

It is impossible to overstate the significance of breast health. Regrettably, a lot of women put off obtaining their yearly mammogram because they think it would be too painful or expensive. Let’s talk about why your future self will appreciate you getting your mammogram now.

Early Detection 

Early detection is a massive benefit of scheduling yearly mammograms. This kind of screening allows for the early detection of any abnormalities, frequently identifying the symptoms before they worsen and become more difficult to cure if neglected. Don’t wait until it’s too late; act now if any treatment or additional action is required rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Improved Survival Rates

The fact that regular mammograms can raise survival rates is another factor in the importance of this procedure. Early detection with routine screening mammography has been projected to cut the risk of breast cancer death by 15–30%, according to a National Cancer Institute research. Don’t overlook the advantages of being tested at least once a year because you never know when it may save your own life.

Personal Peace of Mind 

Last but not least, nobody else can make you feel good about your own health, but mammograms and other routine tests can help you do exactly that. You have more control over this element of yourself when you know you’re taking proactive steps to maintain your breast health, which ultimately improves your entire mental health.

Schedule Your Mammogram at Craig Ranch OB/GYN 

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