How a Pap Smear Can Help Diagnose Cancer

Woman getting a pap smear At Craig Ranch OB/GYN in McKinney, TX, we provide a wide range of services for women and their reproductive health. Our team has years of experience ensuring women have tests and treatments that can improve their health and well-being. One screening that should be done regularly for women of all ages is that of the Pap smear.

What Is a Pap Smear?

Pap smear, also referred to as a Pap test, is a unique screening test used to detect abnormal cells in the cervix (lower part of the uterus). It is a critical tool for detecting and preventing cervical cancer.

What Happens During a Pap Smear?

During the procedure, your healthcare provider at Craig Ranch OB/GYN of McKinney, TX, will use a small brush or scraper to collect cells from the surface of your cervix. The sample will then be sent to a laboratory and examined under a microscope for signs of abnormal or pre-cancerous changes. If any are found, further testing may be recommended.

What Are the Advantages of Routine Pap Smears?

The Pap smear has been credited with helping reduce deaths from cervical cancer around the world. It can help detect pre-cancerous changes before they become invasive or life-threatening. For this reason, it is recommended that women of all ages get regular Pap smears as part of their routine health care.

How Often Should I Get a Pap Smear?

It is recommended that most women over the age of 21 receive a Pap smear every three years. Women who are at higher risk for cervical cancer due to certain medical conditions or lifestyle factors may need to be tested more frequently. Talk with your primary care doctor or gynecologist about the screening schedule that best fits your individual needs.

Who Can I Call To Schedule My Next Pap Smear?

At Craig Ranch OB/GYN, we want to help you stay informed about your health and make sure you have access to the preventive screenings you need. If it is time for you to get a Pap smear or even a routine appointment for your reproductive health, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team of providers by calling 214-544-6600 to request an appointment.

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