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At Craig Ranch OB/GYN, the doctors and staff specialize in the high-risk obstetrical care for their patients who may have difficult pregnancies in McKinney, TX and the greater DFW area. All the physicians at Craig Ranch OB-GYN trained at some of the best training hospitals in the country and are well versed in high risk pregnancies.

High Risk Obstetrical Care Q & A

What Can Cause a Pregnancy to be "High-Risk"?

A pregnancy can be determined to be "high-risk" for several reasons. It could be a condition with the Mom, the fetus, the placenta, or a combination of those. Conditions like gestational diabetes, hypertension, anemia, severe infections, or abnormal bleeding due to a problem with the uterus are all reasons for "high-risk" status. Women who develop an infection or become dehydrated during pregnancy can eventually be put in a position where the health of the unborn child is at risk. The doctor may take preventative measures such as weekly doctor's visits or prolonged bed rest until the child is delivered. If a health condition becomes so severe that it endangers the life of the mother or the child, the doctor may choose to induce labor.

How are High-Risk Pregnancies Treated?

When a high-risk pregnancy develops the first step a doctor may take is to perform an ultrasound to determine how the child is growing. The doctor will also begin to monitor the health of both the mother and the child very closely to observe any potential problems as they develop. A Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor is often consulted to assist with the management of many of the high-risk pregnancies at Craig Ranch.

Can a Woman's Age Affect Her Level of Risk?

As a woman's age increases, so does her risk of having a problematic pregnancy. Once a woman reaches the age of 40, her body has started to transition towards menopause. Her hormone levels are different than they were when she was younger and her bodily functions have started to slow down. This can mean its ability to support and sustain a fetus may be more difficult. Her general health will be a determining factor in how well her body handles the pregnancy. With proper nutritional support and healthy lifestyle habits, she should not experience any major issues, but her doctor will closely monitor each stage of the pregnancy.