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The doctors at Craig Ranch OB/GYN are Board Certified and capable of offering both high-risk and general obstetrical care to women of all ages. The facility serves patients in McKinney, TX who live all over the DFW area.

General Obstetrical Care

What is Involved in General Obstetrical Care?

General obstetric care involves routine pregnancy checks in which the health of both the mother and the child are closely monitored. It also includes childbirth and postpartum care for both the mother and the child. Obstetrics involves a variety of screenings, including ones that check for Down's Syndrome and other genetic abnormalities. Ultrasounds are performed typically in the beginning of the pregnancy and again at 20 weeks of gestation.  Other ultrasounds may be performed if indicated.  Glucose testing is also performed to ensure the mother does not have gestational diabetes.  After a vaginal delivery, a woman will have a six-week check. After a Cesarean section, women are often checked at 2 weeks to assess the incision and again at 6 weeks after delivery.   

Craig Ranch OB-GYN offers their patients the choice to be seen and delivered by one of the midwives or to be seen and delivered by one of the physicians.  All patients seen by the midwives are supported by the physicians if there are any complications with the pregnancy or the delivery.  

How Long Should a Woman see Their Obstetrician After the Birth of Their Child?

After a vaginal delivery, a woman may have a two week and six-week check. After a Cesarean section, women are often required to check in more frequently to ensure their incisions are healing properly. During these visits, the obstetrician will also check the infant to ensure it is meeting the development markers for their size and age. In most cases, the woman's gynecologist will take over her visits within a week or two after the birth, while the child's pediatrician will assume responsibility after the first two or three weeks. If complications arise, the obstetrician will maintain their cases or at least work with the other doctors to ensure mother and child regain full health.

Why do Many Doctors Specialize in Both Obstetrics and Gynecology?

Many doctors who specialize in women's health take on both obstetrics and gynecology. The main reason behind this is that most women would prefer to see only one doctor during their pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery. Not only is this convenient for the mother, it allows for all of the women's records to remain with one physician. She is only required to work with one doctor throughout her entire pregnancy and recovery. After the birth, the child's care is immediately transferred to a pediatrician. When a doctor assumes both the role of the gynecologist and the obstetrician, he or she knows the patient's past medical history and has built a bond with them that some doctors don't have.