What to expect after the birth of your child

little boy drinking a milk from bottle in the mom's arms and kissing her baby Congratulations! You’re a brand new parent! Once your baby arrives, you may have a lot of questions about this special time. Women of the McKinney, TX area who have given birth to their child have several steps they need to take during their time at the hospital to prepare for being discharged. At Craig Ranch OB/GYN, we can walk women through their postnatal care and what to expect after the birth of their child.

  • Nursing care – during your stay at the hospital, the nurses will provide the care you need to recover from childbirth. Women who undergo a cesarean section often spend more time in the hospital before release than those who have a traditional vaginal birth with no complications.
  • Infant security – the hospital places an electronic tag on your child along with identification information to ensure the protection of your baby. Women have the option of allowing their baby to rest in their hospital room with them or attend the nursery to help rest and heal.
  • Paperwork – our hospital team has the paperwork needed to help women in obtaining a social security number and birth certificate for their child. All of this can be completed in the hospital and is done before discharge.
  • Discharge tips – it is important that you have yourself ready for discharge to go home with your new bundle of joy. Have your vehicle ready and bring your baby’s car seat into the hospital room. our staff will ensure that your car seat is up to standards and appropriately used and installed for safety. We also offer carts that can be used to transport your personal belongings to your car upon discharge. The hospital staff also provides paperwork and follow-up appointment information for women to take home with them.

Learn more about what to expect after the birth of your child

McKinney, TX area women who are pregnancy and want to learn more about what to expect at the hospital for postnatal care can call (214) 544-6600 to request an appointment with Dr. Craig Ranch and his team. The office is located at 7900 Henneman Way, Suite 100 and accepts new patients.

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